Transportation is a highly demanding market. Just-in-time deliveries, diversity of vehicles and models, productivity, cost optimization and quality are just some of the challenges operators face. At the same time, on-board equipment must be designed to resist shock, vibration, water and dust.

Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), specialist in sensing, control and motion products offers an extensive range of products that meet the technical and cost requirements of each individual customer for a wide scope of transportation related applications.

BEI Sensors

BEI Sensors has a proven record of developing innovative position sensor technology to meet the demanding requirements for a variety of transportation applications. Our precision position sensing solutions can be found in heavy duty trucks, buses and rescue vehicles, construction and agriculture equipment, ATVs, and recreational and marine vehicles. BEI Sensors has earned the reputation as a leading sensor supplier for today’s major off-road vehicle brands worldwide and pioneered the first throttle position sensor. BEI’s rotary and linear potentiometers and hall effect sensors can replace numerous component parts, improving accuracy and reliability with smaller, lower-cost packaging designs. Applications in the automotive market include steering sensors, automatic transmission controls, and throttle control. Accreditation to the strict quality standards of ISO 9001:2008 Certification provides peace of mind to our customers and demonstrates our commitment to continually provide premium products.

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Building on extensive application experience and a comprehensive standard product range Crouzet has developed a capacity to design robust electronic and pneumatic automation solutions for applications that have specific and demanding requirements. 

Crouzet products can be adapted to meet a wide range of constraints such as thermal and mechanical shock, high humidity and salt spray environments, vibration, voltage spikes and extended voltage supply ranges for a wide scope of transportation related applications such as trains, boats and yachts, cranes, agricultural equipment and specialist vehicles.

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High start torques, easy to control and extremely robust, the Crouzet ranges of DC and Brushless Geared Motors with output power up to 255 Watts are the ideal solution for use in a variety of transport applications such as trains, trucks and boats. 

With an extensive network of experienced sales engineers and products that meet the most demanding approvals criteria such as ‘feu fumé’, Crouzet motors are ideally suited for use in door actuators, high voltage circuit breakers and train wind screen wiper motors.

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Crouzet, a leading specialist in snap action switches, has produced a full range of highly reliable, high life expectancy micro switches, limit switches and position sensors for use in wide variety of transportation related applications such as train door mechanism, automatic platforms, airbag and presence detection, brake pedal sensing for forklifts and agricultural machines. 

Backed up by a solid certification program, experienced sales engineers and the capacity to design custom solutions, Crouzet switches complies with standards ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and the Six Sigma method, and is the partner to help develop ideal, easy to integrate solutions.

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Some of the advantages of an all solid state design, such as the resistance to shock and vibration and the capability to perform efficiently and consistently in harsh environments make Crydom SSRs the ideal choice to perform functions such as mobile heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) in a variety of transports. Train door actuators, rail road signalling and traffic control systems are also common applications for SSRs in the transportation market because of their compact design, fast switching capability and of course their compatibility with control systems. 

Crydom’s DC output relays and Low Voltage Disconnect solutions are also used in specialty vehicles helping protect batteries from deep cycle discharge specially useful in vehicles such as RV’s, emergency vehicles, boats & yachts, agricultural equipment, material handling equipment, small construction equipment, and among others.

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Kavlico Pressure, fluid level and tilt sensors are designed and manufactured to answer to Automotive, Heavy Duty Diesel, Construction/Agriculture, Rail, Marine, and Motorcycle application requirements.

Kavlico innovative solutions and full range of sensing technologies are ideally designed for use on emission control, power-train, chassis, braking, hydraulic controls, and other systems requiring reliable and dependable performance in high vibration, extreme temperature, and harsh environments.  

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