Automation & Control

Widely recognized for over 50 years as the specialist in electromechanical, electronic technology and software engineering, Crouzet's experience in time management, physical and mechanical values has resulted in an extensive automation components offer that includes logic controllers, timers, control relays, counters and rate meters, machine safety equipment, and temperature controllers.

Highly represented through their distribution network, Crouzet products are available all over the world and Crouzet teams are ready to find out the right solution for applications such as water treatment, renewable energies, access control, and transportation.

Simple to use, Crouzet Automation and Control products are easy to program and install.

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Crouzet - Automation and Control

Cockpit Control

For over 40 years, Crouzet has been designing, developing and producing human-machine interfaces for control of aircraft or helicopters (mini-control columns, control wheels, grips, buttons, circuit-breaker panels). These High-Performance plastic or aluminium parts are as ergonomic as possible.

Crouzet products are customised and optimised on an individual basis and equip all the major aerospace programs.

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Crouzet - Cockpit

Electrical protection

For over 40 years, Crouzet has been developing and producing thermal, arc detection, differential, remote control (RCCB) and electronic circuit-breakers, as well as electrical distribution circuit-breaker panels for all types of aircraft or helicopters.

Crouzet aerospace components comply with standards EN 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EASA part 21/G and part 145. Today, Crouzet products equip all the major aerospace programs throughout the world, being adaptable and available in bespoke versions to meet design office requirements.

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Crouzet Electrical Protection

Motors & Actuators

Crouzet is specialised in the design of geared DC Brush and Brushless Motors.

Used extensively in applications where reliability and security are key issues, Crouzet Motors are present in areas such as medical equipment, industrial valves, pumps, access control and trains.

Experienced engineers are available to identify the most reliable solution for each specific requirement and bring customers a premium level of support and service.

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Crouzet Motors and Actuators


With over 50 years of experience in air logic elements, Crouzet has developed a unique position as the leading supplier of components for air controlled automation systems.

If an application requires air control or operates in a hazardous or explosive environment, Crouzet can propose a full range of Human/Machine interface components, position detectors, pressures switches, amplifiers, pneumatic logic elements, electro-pneumatic valves and industrial vacuum components.

Supported by a specialized distribution network, Crouzet Pneumatics are available worldwide. Crouzet sales engineers are available to help you identify the best solution for each specific application.

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Crouzet Pneumatics

Position Sensors

Crouzet’s expertise in electronic detection allow us to be selected on most aeronautic programs. Our ability to adapt our products to our customers' specification makes us a leader in this domain.

We propose technical solutions such as special housing, 2, 3 wires or connector outputs, extended temperature range, high pressure, multi pole solutions and Built in Test capabilities while always ensuring a maximum reliability. Crouzet has proximity switches with integrated electronics and external electronics, depending on the architecture of your system.

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Crouzet Position Sensors


Specialized in the design of snap action switches both for very high currents and low level signal currents, Crouzet offers an extensive range of Microswitches and Limit Switches.

Extensive engineering experience and proven designs allow Crouzet to propose robust products for the harshest operating conditions where security and reliability are key factors,  such as valve control, railways, and transportation.

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Crouzet Switches